About Us

The journey started with one late night, and a lab, when Stephen Gruber decided to show his younger brother, Jordan, the lengthy process of manually analysing air samples of asbestos fibers.
Three years later the first commercial version of MARVIN™, the Parented AI system designed to protect people during the process of asbestos remediation, and streamline the process, was successfully trialled on the Australian market.
Today they are on the new frontier, providing a breakthrough platform and marketplace to enable the automation of any microscopic analysis.  
Frontier’s on a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar microscopy industry, providing accessible and affordable platform to change scientific descovery across multiple industries, and a platform to test samples anywhere in the world without requring years of expensive training.
It is only when you democratise technologies that you can genuinely make the world a better place for everyone.

We are visionaries

creating positive world change through technology

We are Kindred

building strength through diversity and understanding

We are communicative and honest

embracing mistakes as moments to grow

We value balance in life

deriving meaning from both work and play

We are each contrarian

to the benefit of all

We are students for life

with a mind to grow and learn from others

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