About Us

Our Vision at Frontier Microscopy is to bring affordable microscopy automation to every industry. Initially we’ve applied our technology to automate airborne asbestos testing on construction sites.

Traditional testing requires air filter samples to be analysed by an offsite skilled technician, result turnaround is often several days. MARVIN can be deployed onsite for rapid test results to reduce site shutdown time with the potential to save billions of dollars for construction every year and prevent the 135,000 deaths attributed to airborne asbestos exposure every year. 

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We are visionaries

creating positive world change through technology

We are communicative and honest

embracing mistakes as moments to grow

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building strength through diversity and understanding

We are each contrarian

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Jordan Gruber

Jordan Gruber

CEO & Founder

B.Eng. Mechatronic (Hons.),
SA Young Achiever of the Year 2018,
Hon. Associate Asbestos Diseases Research Institute

Gábor Szijártó

Gábor Szijártó


B.Eng. Electrical (Hons.),
Senior C++ Engineer


Graham Hartland

Graham Hartland


Board Member Lighthouse Club,
Sales and Leadership Coach,
Senior Electrical Engineer


Harrison Gruber

Harrison Gruber

Head of Production

B.Eng. Mechanical (Hons.),
ex-Ford Production Engineer

Aron Cserkaszky

Aron Cserkaszky

Senior R&D Engineer/Scientist

Ph.D. Information Technology,
M.Sc. Nuclear Physics,
B.Sc. Applied Physics

Yogeshwar Tanwar

Yogeshwar Tanwar

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer

B.Tech. Electronics and Communication