a Revolution in Asbestos Monitoring

Major Features and Benefits

Analyse Samples In
1 – 3 Minutes


Process Several Hundred Samples a Day

Can be Operated by
Anyone with Basic Training

Affordable and Accessible

We applied smart production/design methods to be able to offer a highly capable robotic microscope that is significantly smaller, lighter, and more affordable than other systems without compromising on quality.

Compatible With Every Workflow

MARVIN’s patented features make him competent in analysis workflow for all regions and variations of the Membrane Filter Method. Use MARVIN in the lab or set him up on the job site for rapid on-the-spot results!


Portable and Robust

 MARVIN comes standard in a custom Pelican case for transit anywhere in the world. Check-in MARVIN as baggage and he’ll make the journey just fine.

Simple to Install and Operate

You don’t need to be a trained analyst to use MARVIN. With just 30 minutes of training and 15 minutes for software setup on any Windows laptop you can start using MARVIN right away


Fully Integrated with MSuite

Complete the package with the MSuite to provide streamlined air monitoring reporting for your team and clients.

MARVIN’s Patented* Analysis Process

¹Quality Assessment

MARVIN captures a macro-scale photo of the sample slide and uses AI to assess the quality of preparation.

²Scan Path Planning

From the macro-scale photo MARVIN plans the scan path for analysis using gridline intersection points to calculate the correct focal plane for fibre counting.

³Sample Digitisation

Using the pre-generated scan path MARVIN visits points on the sample and captures photos at magnification for analysis. A sample boundary scan is also performed to detect filter leakage.

⁴Fibre Count by AI

Images are analysed by MARVIN’s fibre counting AI applying the same morphology rules as described in the standard method. Analysis report is output with fibres per 100 or 200 graticule areas. 

*3x Patents: 2018101327 , 2018071958, 2019204854(P)  – System and method for performing automated analysis of air filters.

MARVIN Can Be Operated By Anyone!


1-3 minutes per Sample

Low Result Uncertainty

High Daily Throughput

Macro Quality Assessment

Dynamic Scan Planning

Filter Leakage Detection

Focus Plane Calculation

Other Automatic Systems

1-3 minutes per Sample

Low Result Uncertainty

High Daily Throughput

Manual Quality Assessment

Requires Preparation Template

No Filter Leakage Detection

No Focus Plane Calculation

Manual Analysis

10-20 minutes per Sample

High Result Uncertainty

Low Daily Throughput

Manual Quality Assessment

High Skill required in Scanning

Filter Leakage Detection

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